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Proof of COVID vaccination + booster and well-fitting masks
are required for participation in dojo classes and events.
All classes are outdoors through January 28, 2022.

For Beginners

Aikido: A Martial Art of Peace

We will introduce you to the basics of Aikido and how the pacifist philosophy is reflected in the movements of the art. This includes learning to move ourselves from a position of conflict to a position of harmony with another, redirecting the energy of an attack, and leading a partner to a place of peaceful coexistence.

Basics Instruction

The basics instruction includes presentation of a number of Aikido techniques as well as the basic principles of the art — harmony and peace — and how the techniques reflect these principles.

If you are interested in trying Aikido, sign up here and include a photo of your COVID vaccination + booster card. We will contact you about the next available class and the location. Proof of vaccination + booster should be sent at least 24 hours before the class. Photo ID is required upon arrival.

Our dojo’s members span a range of age, physical capability, and previous movement experience. Everyone is welcome to try Aikido with us.


For the remainder of January, we are practicing outdoors instead of in the dojo. We have a permit to use a section of a lovely city park Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. When you arrive, you will be assigned an experienced practice partner who will introduce you to the basics of the art. We require everyone to wear well-fitting masks, preferably N95 or KN95.

Please use this interest form to ask questions you may have about our dojo and the Basics program. We also have more information on our FAQ page, and you can learn more about Aikido from our list of suggested books.

Sharah throws Whitney

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