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22nd anniversary in San Francisco, One year anniversary at Slovenian Hall

January 2017

Dear Dojo Students,

As I catch glimpses of the spectacular San Francisco cityscape through the arched windows of our dojo space, I know that we are a significant part of the soul of this city. Our dojo has been here now for 22 years and we have weathered all the many changes in the city during that time.

May the training we do together during this year contribute to the broader effort of many to bring the energies of love and justice to the fore.

I stand in appreciation of your dedication to training and to the opportunity you give me to deepen my understanding of Aikido through teaching.

Love from,

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Dojo Classes & Events

Please check the dojo calendar for the class schedule and upcoming events.

Aikido Terms Glossary

The practice of Aikido uses many Japanese words and phrases. This glossary is a brief introduction to some of the terms you will learn in your practice at our dojo.

Guidelines for Kyu and Shodan Exams

Remember there are guidelines - use them to aid your practice.

Review the exam guidelines >

On a test, you may be asked to demonstrate techniques which are not on this list. For that, the only preparation is to train regularly.

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