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Winter 2020

“More and more, I experience aikido as a field of grace, a locale where one can see differently. There is such a difference between trying to “fix” oneself and entering a place where, yes, there is personal effort, but also an awareness that real transformation is like a breeze blowing through a meadow, bringing fragrance to all.”

John Ward, HOSF, emeritus

John’s thoughts often bring me to a deeper understanding of Aikido, and in this case, also a more optimistic view of the future. I get hopelessly overwhelmed when I think that I can only contribute to the world by making myself a more perfect person, by fixing myself. But many years on the planet has already taught me that this work is never, and will never, be completed.

In the words of Richard Rohr, a Franciscan friar whom John admires and often quotes, “Self-help and personal growth are not of themselves the community practice.“

When I feel myself part of a community that strives for peace, I can sense the impact of our combined effort. And this is why I often find myself looking with fresh, loving eyes on the world when I leave the dojo, seeing all the places where change can and is happening.

May our practice in the dojo this year extend out in all directions, bringing healing and peace into all our lives and to the world at large.

Penny Sablove, chief instructor
Heart of San Francisco Aikido

Dojo Dues Policy

Members pay dues monthly, either using the credit card / Paypal option or by sending checks. In order to insure the stability of the dojo, we ask that regular members also maintain their dues payments when they are going to miss all or most of the month due to vacations, etc.

Pay by Credit Card or PayPal

LevelDescriptionOne MonthThree Months
Member $125 per month
$375 for three months
Low Income $115 per month
$345 for three months
$125 per month
(12 automatic monthly payments)
Low Income
$115 per month
(12 automatic monthly payments)
Hardship If you are experiencing financial difficulty,
please speak with the chief instructor,
and we will try to work something out.
Monthly Only

Annual dojo subscriptions may be cancelled through your PayPal account.
Please read Paypal's instructions for cancelling a subscription.

Pay by Check

You may also use checks to pay dojo dues. Most people sending checks do so via their online banking service, arranging for the checks to arrive about 5 days before the first day of the month. Checks should be sent to our mailing address:

Heart of San Francisco Aikido
3041 Mission Street #125
San Francisco, CA 94110

Dojo Classes & Events

Please check the dojo calendar for the class schedule and upcoming events.

Aikido Terms Glossary

The practice of Aikido uses many Japanese words and phrases. This glossary is a brief introduction to some of the terms you will learn in your practice at our dojo.

Guidelines for Kyu and Shodan Exams

Remember there are guidelines - use them to aid your practice.

Review the exam guidelines >

On a test, you may be asked to demonstrate techniques which are not on this list. For that, the only preparation is to train regularly.

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