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Proof of COVID vaccination and well-fitting masks are required for participation in dojo classes and events.

Aikido Class Times & Special Events

Aikido Basics: For people starting Aikido, or returning after a long absence, includes a variety of different techniques as well as exploration of how the central principles of Aikido — harmony and peace — are reflected in the physical movements.

Kinomichi: An art derived from Aikido with an emphasis on expressive movement.

All Levels classes are for dojo members only. We are not able to accommodate visitors from other dojos at this time. Proof of COVID vaccination is required.

If you are interested in trying a FREE Basics class, sign up here and include a photo of your COVID vaccination card. Proof of vaccination should be sent at least 24 hours before the class. Photo ID is required upon arrival.


The dojo is located at 1622 Castro Street in San Francisco.


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